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Outlook for 2022

Despite a likely tough start to the year, the RTT predicts 2022 could still turn out to be a reasonable year. 2022 will bring a ‘inflection’ point for channel shift, demanding a closer convergence of online and physical shopping. The ESG agenda will start delivering meaningful change as retailers embrace the cost and efficiency benefits.…

The supply chain crisis in the retail sector

Supply chain problems are a global challenge but UK retailers are being hit particularly hard and the impact could hinder the sector’s recovery. Brexit has compounded global labour shortages, which has exposed the UK’s reliance on overseas workers in its supply chain. It could be between 12 and 18 months before the UK retail supply…


What is the true state of spend in retail versus other categories?

April 2019 There has been a general understanding in recent years that the retail sector has been proportionally losing sales and its share of consumers’ disposable income to the leisure sector. Whether or not this paints an accurate picture of the true state of consumer spend is the topic of the latest KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think…

Seasonal reductions