What does the future hold for the UK grocery sector?

The UK retail market is currently in the midst of seismic change, a once in a generation shift that is impacting on the way that retailers operate and sell. The grocery sector is no exception to this rule, and here the KPMG / Ipsos Retail Think Tank (RTT) set out to discuss‘what the future holds for the UK grocery sector


What can Tesco learn from previous business turnarounds?

Price cuts are not necessarily the answer to Tesco’s woes – The grocer needs to reconnect with its customers and rethink ranges – Tesco’s exposure to the hypermarket store format will need to be addressed – Any business turnaround requires good communication with and support from a multitude of stakeholders The golden decade when Tesco…


The future of the grocery sector in the UK

‐  Price wars are a “race to the bottom” and could deter future investors‐   Shift to convenience store shopping has been driven by retailers ‐ not consumers  ‐  But convenience stores sales are now so significant they  risk rendering hypermarkets obsolete in their current form ‐   ‘Drive through’ supermarkets and free doorstep delivery…

Woman shopping at the supermarket

The ongoing and future roles of the supermarkets in the retail sector

In timely fashion, this White Paper was prepared soon after the Competition Commission’s latest announcement on the progress of its investigation into the UK’s supermarket business. The amount of media coverage generated by what was just an interim announcement highlights how the subject of the supermarkets’ growing influence over the retail sector remains highly contentious.In…