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Seasonal reductions

How can retailers exploit seasonal events more fully and plan for them better?

May 2017 Introduction Seasonal events have long been used by retailers as an opportunity to boost sales. Indeed, Paul Martin, UK Head of Retail at KPMG, pointed to the substantial growth in UK retail over the past decade – from £286bn in 2006 to £360bn in 2016 – and suggested that events-based retail “…surely plays…

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London retail

Retail growth will stagnate overall in 2017, warns KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think Tank

• Very limited retail growth in 2017, as any growth in non-discretionary retail will be clawed back by a decline in discretionary spend • On average 5 – 8% increase in retail prices in 2017, albeit varying across categories of retail • In light of increasing commercial headwinds, more retailers will leverage technology, consider multichannel…

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Consumer confidence: can it be accurately measured and does it drive consumer spending?

Consumer confidence indices never tell the whole story, but they do provide insight into shoppers’ mind-set, particularly when viewed as a trend over time There is a strong correlation between consumer confidence and consumer spending, however shock events like the Brexit vote can result in divergence between the two data sets Consumer confidence indices should…

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The short and medium-term impact of Brexit on the retail sector

In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, political uncertainty had led to a dampening of consumer confidence In the medium-term, as currency hedging unwinds, the cost of goods purchased overseas will effectively become more expensive. The debate for retailers will then be whether to increase prices or absorb the loss into margins In the…

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Millennials v Grey Pound – Who holds the key to future retail success?

– Knowing what drives the current ‘Grey Pound’ is useful in the short term but in the long term this generation will be replaced – – Future retail success lies in being able to adapt to the millennial way whilst making changes appear to be evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, to the ‘Silver Surfers’ –  –…

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credit card

Retail growth unlikely to improve in 2016, warns KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think Tank

– Retail risks losing out to other experiences next year – – The National Living Wage, cyber security and operating model change will be at the top of the boardroom agenda – – Delivering a seamless omni-channel experience will continue to challenge retailers – 30 December 2015 With consumer confidence faltering, the KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think…

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