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Outlook for Retail 2020

Outlook for 2020

KPMG/IPSOS RETAIL THINK TANK: THE UK RETAIL SECTOR SHOULD FEEL CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC IN 2020, WITH GROWTH OF AT LEAST +1.0% LIKELY The UK retail sector is predicted to grow by at least +1.0% in 2020, following three and half years of pain. Perceived certainty in the UK political landscape is likely to increase consumer confidence…

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Retail environment

How to deliver growth in this retail environment

It’s easy to see just how difficult today’s trading conditions are for retailers in the UK. A myriad of external influences are not only combining, but also increasing their impact on retailers’ operations. However, today’s business environment demands constant growth. At the latest quarterly KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think Tank (RTT) meeting, members discussed just what it…

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AUGUST 2019: “Retail 2025”

Six years is a long time in any industry, although with the fortunes of retailers being so intrinsically linked to the slightest deviations to the economy, consumer confidence, advancements in technology, political legislation and societal changes, 2025 will almost certainly bring with it a very different retail industry than we see today. At the latest…

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What is the true state of spend in retail versus other categories?

April 2019 There has been a general understanding in recent years that the retail sector has been proportionally losing sales and its share of consumers’ disposable income to the leisure sector. Whether or not this paints an accurate picture of the true state of consumer spend is the topic of the latest KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think…

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