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Retail sector gloom set to continue in 2008, according to industry panel

What is the future of the shopping centre in a digital world?

– Shopping centres need to be more than just a “collection of retailers”- The rise of destination shopping, consumers craving convenience, and creating community hubs will ensure shopping centres survive and thrive- The digital world will actually secure the future of the shopping centre Introduction Nick Bubb, Retail Consultant, commented “it seems like only yesterday…

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Group Of Young Friends Shopping In Mall Together

Is discounting a current necessity or is it simply a race to the bottom?

Bargain hunting has become the norm in an increasingly digital and disloyal world Perpetual discounting will lead to brand devaluation and erosion of consumer trust UK shoppers need to be weaned off their diet of discounts Retailers need to shift the battleground and compete on value rather than price Introduction The British shopper has always…

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What can Tesco learn from previous business turnarounds?

Price cuts are not necessarily the answer to Tesco’s woes – The grocer needs to reconnect with its customers and rethink ranges – Tesco’s exposure to the hypermarket store format will need to be addressed – Any business turnaround requires good communication with and support from a multitude of stakeholders The golden decade when Tesco…

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The future of the grocery sector in the UK

‐  Price wars are a “race to the bottom” and could deter future investors‐   Shift to convenience store shopping has been driven by retailers ‐ not consumers  ‐  But convenience stores sales are now so significant they  risk rendering hypermarkets obsolete in their current form ‐   ‘Drive through’ supermarkets and free doorstep delivery…

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