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How will demographic trends in the UK affect the retail sector

2/3rds of retail spending growth will come from shoppers aged 55 plus Ageing population will transform not only the face, but the role the high street plays in society Part I: Executive Summary Introduction With a rapidly ageing population and migration trends changing the ethnic makeup of our cities and towns, UK shopping habits too…

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Has the recession and the rise of the Internet damaged customer service in UK retailing?

– Customer service levels have rapidly declined over the last decade, says KPMG/Ipsos Think Tank– Urgent action is needed to restore consumer confidence and repair the health of the sectorPart I: Executive SummaryIntroduction  With the prolonged recession eroding consumer confidence, a combination of declining sales volumes and rising costs has seen most retailers reassess all facets of…

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Life after the food contamination crisis – how closely should retailers vet their suppliers’ sourcing?  Where does the ultimate responsibility for consumer safety lie?

Introduction The contamination of the beef supply chain with horse meat is a stark illustration of the risk of supply chain failure and should serve as a wakeup call for all retailers, not just those in the food sector. The KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think Tank (‘the RTT’) met in April to consider the implications of the…

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Opportunities lie overseas for UK retailers

Now is the time to consider overseas expansion, says the KPMG/IPSOS Retail Think TankRegulatory and structural boundaries are diminishing, providing easier access into growing marketsHowever, international expansion is not a get rich quick scheme that can subsidise weakness in the UK operations Part I: Executive Summary Introduction The past is littered with examples of major…

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