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Retail Think Tank

The Retail Think Tank

Serves to give a balanced, considered, and unbiased view on what the true state of affairs for the retail sector is.

The Retail Think Tank has been conceived and created to provide the authoritative, credible and most trusted
window on what is really happening in retail and to develop thought leadership on the key areas influencing
the future of retailing in the UK. The intended audience for the outputs of the RTT is primarily

Has Retail Health Improved?

Every quarter members of the RTT make quantitative assessments of the impact
on retail health of demand, margins and costs* for the quarter just completed and
a forecast of the quarter ahead. These scores are submitted individually and
aggregated for the RTT’s quarterly meeting.



Retail Industry Gets On Top of Costs, But Falling Demand Could Take The Shine Off The Golden Quarter

The health of the retail sector is expected to continue its slow decline over the golden quarter, driven by consumer demand falling away, according to the latest assessment by KPMG/RetailNext Retail Think Tank (RTT) members.

Meet The Experts

Our Members – Providing authoritative, credible and trusted opinions on what is really happening in retail.
The members of the Retail Think Tank cover a broad spectrum of specialities, with each individual offering a
unique perspective on the retail market.
The board meet each quarter to discuss, analyse and dissect the current state of retail and look ahead to the
next three months and beyond.