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Retail Think Tank



The KPMG/RetailNext Retail Think Tank (RTT) was conceived and created in 2006  to provide an authoritative, credible and trusted window on what is really happening in retail.

Through its quarterly meetings it develops and publishes thought leadership on the key areas influencing the future of retailing, which are designed to address both the health of the sector and the challenges it faces.

While the RTT is not sensationalist, it is not afraid to speak its collective mind. At the same time it does not aim to ruffle feathers but also does not flinch from expressing its democratically-arrived-at opinion.

The RTT aims to be a first port of call for journalists and commentators interested in retail, retail analysts, students of retail and for those involved in investment in retail.


The RTT consists of ten members, representing key areas of the retail industry. It is a deliberate policy of the RTT that no single member is employed by or speaks on behalf of any individual retail business, reinforcing the credibility and independence of the RTT membership.


The Retail Think Tank issues regular news releases and white papers addressing issues specific to the retail industry. These primarily consist of two separate outputs each quarter:

  • The Retail Health Index, which provides a visual snapshot and commentary regarding how health is changing on a quarterly basis. This now represents the views of the RTT on retail health from a period over five years;
  • A white paper which provides an in-depth examination into a key issue debated by the RTT. The white paper is designed either to feed into the wider debate on how healthy the sector is or be of topical relevance to the retail sector.


All the intellectual property within the RTT website and its outputs are jointly owned by KPMG and RetailNext.

First mentions of the RTT should be the “KPMG/RetailNext Retail Think Tank” while the abbreviations the “Retail Think Tank” and “RTT” are acceptable thereafter.

Meet The Experts

Our Members – Providing authoritative, credible and trusted opinions on what is really happening in retail.
The members of the Retail Think Tank cover a broad spectrum of specialities, with each individual offering a
unique perspective on the retail market.
The board meet each quarter to discuss, analyse and dissect the current state of retail and look ahead to the
next three months and beyond.